2016 Western China e-commerce development conference , SCIPHAR won the "Green Development Contribution Gold Award" and many other awards.
Issue Time:2016-09-30

2016 Western China e-commerce developmentconference , SCIPHAR won the "Green Development Contribution GoldAward" and many other awards.

September 19, 2016 Western China e-commercedevelopment conference held in Xi'an.At the same time the Silk Road e-commercealliance start. Deputy Director of Shaanxi Provincial Department of CommerceWang Guolong, Director of the Research Center of China International ElectronicCommerce Center Li Mingtao, Executive Director of China Electronic Commerce Association JiangQiping, Chairman of Shaanxi Electronic Commerce Industry Association JinXinkang and Secretary General Guo Jinsheng attended the meeting.

During the meeting, Li Mingtao, presidentof the Research Center of China International Electronic Commerce Center,delivered a keynote speech on "New Opportunities"affirmed the achievements of electroniccommerce in Shaanxi Province in recent years.

Jin Xinkang, Chairman of Shaanxi ProvincialE-Commerce Industry Association and Chairman of Shaanxi Sciphar Group, gave alecture on "Closed-loop Innovative Mode of Poverty Relief by ElectronicBusinessmen" and shared the experience of Sciphar in implementing theaccurate poverty alleviation in the development of electricity supplierindustry. The delegates affirmed and praised.

In the meeting , Shaanxi Province,e-commerce industry associations across the board held a generalization ofprofessional award ceremony.

At the meeting praised the "2016"Shaanxi e-commerce benchmarking enterprises and outstanding individuals

Shaanxi Sciphar Group Chairman Jin Xinkang wasawarded the "2016 Internet economy in Shaanxi Province man" honorarytitle.

The Organizing Committee of the Conferencecommended the enterprises and individuals who had made outstandingcontributions to this conference. Shaanxi Senfu was awarded the Gold Award of"2016 China (Xi'an) E-Commerce Expo Green Development Contribution".  Shaanxi Sciphar has also been awarded: 2016Shaanxi top ten electricity business enterprises, 2016 Shaanxi top ten electricbusiness brand, 2016 Shaanxi top ten electric business enterprises, 2016Shaanxi electric business accurate poverty alleviation benchmarking enterprisehonorary title.  

In the new network, the Phoenix network,Shaanxi radio and television, Shaanxi media and dozens of media in theprovinces and cities on the event were full coverage.