Northwestern University teachers and students visit SCIPHAR Grand Health Industry Park
Issue Time:2016-10-17

October 14, Northwest University School of Economics and Management Professor Wang Jue and his party more than 10 people into the Shaanxi Sciphar Natural Products Co., Ltd., opened a research tour.

Professor Wang Jue and his entourage first came to the Shangzhou District E-business Incubation Base, which was built and operated by Shaanxi Sciphar Natural Products Co., Ltd. to understand the operation status of the base and the future development plan.

  Research team to the product exhibition area, to understand Sciphark health product features, sales and other related circumstances.

Subsequently, we drove to the Jingzhou River in Shangzhou eco-industrial park in Shaanxi Sciphar Industrial Park, a comprehensive understanding of Sciphar large health industry. In the staff of the tour under the Sciphar research and development center.

  In the center of the party and activity center, Sciphar's "full network marketing model" and "global network marketing system" have been greatly affirmed by Professor Wang Jue, and learn more about Sciphar's "Internet + Modern Agriculture + Demonstration Garden + Poor households + large health industry, "the industrial development of closed-loop development model of poverty.

  The delegation went into the workshop of Sunflex to understand the production process. Sen-fu's advanced production equipment and the international industry-leading production technology by everyone's high praise.

  After the visit, all of the participants had a lively discussion on the investigation. Professor Wang Jue highly praised Sunflex for its sales strategy and target customer positioning, marketing model and propaganda path. Finally, the company in the domestic market consolidation, overseas market expansion gives the relevant recommendations, she pointed out: the difficulty of overseas market expansion is the difference in cultural differences in consumer preferences, Sciphar company should establish effective communication channels, try offline and online Sales, to further enhance the company's influence and competitiveness.

  After the survey, Northwestern University students, in the form of notes, record the feeling of Sen Fu Sciphar after the company.