Director of E-Commerce and Informatization Department of Ministry of Commerce, made a study on the development of E-commerce in Shaanxi Sciphar
Issue Time:2016-11-07

   Qian Fangli, Director of E-Commerce and Informatization Department of Ministry of Commerce, made a study on the development of E-commerce in Shaanxi Sciphar

November 7, the Ministry of Commerce e-commerce and information technology Secretary Qian Fang Li and his party came to Shaanxi Sciphar e-commerce industrial park to study the integration of electric power industry development work. Deputy Director of Xi'an Software Park Development Center, Chi Fang, Deputy Director Zhu Li-ming, etc., accompanied by the investigation and research. Mr. Wang Guolong, Director of the Department of Commerce of the People's Republic of China, Mr. Wang Fahing, Director of E-commerce.

   Jinxin Kang, Chairman of Shaanxi Sciphar Group, introduced the development of e-commerce and the closed-loop development mode of "Internet + Modern Agriculture + Great Health Industry".
Qian, director of Shaanxi Sen Fu as a national e-commerce business model, the achievements in e-commerce to give a high rating, praised Sen Fu's Internet-based industry model for the development of the province's electricity industry has played a leading role model, Fu mode is worth in the province and even across the country to promote.

   Shaanxi Sciphar to a pure electric business start-ups, under the leadership of the chairman of the Jin Xinkang to science and technology as the support, innovation-driven, and gradually developed into a set of Internet, modern agriculture, industrial production, park construction, the wisdom of things, the health industry , Cultural tourism and other industries to integrate the development of integrated electric business enterprises.

   In order to create a more professional big health industry ecology, Sciphar established planting demonstration garden, production industrial park, intelligent logistics park, science and technology innovation park and other modern park, across four cities, eight administrative regions, covers an area of ​​hundreds of thousands mu. Involved in biomedicine, functional food, modern agriculture, e-commerce, network technology, data technology, electricity business park, cultural tourism, education and training business.

   Shaanxi Sciphar to "red party building to lead the development of green economy" as the theme to the Internet as the basis of large data, combined with accurate poverty alleviation, the layout of the upper reaches of the industrial chain of modern agriculture, natural products in the Sciphar Industrial Park National Cheng Kung University Health products, products and Services are sold throughout the world via the Internet.

   Sciphar has nine categories, more than 230 varieties of national food, pharmaceutical production license, access to national invention patent 96. Has been named: national e-commerce model enterprises, China's most socially responsible enterprises, Shaanxi Province, e-commerce training base, Shaanxi Province, a public space, the Shaanxi Provincial Star Chuang Tiandi, key technology enterprises in Shaanxi Province, Shaanxi Province Innovation Research Center, Shaanxi Province, double the base, industrial transformation and upgrading of Shaanxi Province demonstration enterprises, municipal agricultural industrialization leading enterprises, municipal recycling-oriented business model.


   Do not forget the heart, continue to move forward. Sciphar will continue to science and technology as the support, innovation-driven, Kaijiangtuotu, increase the Internet of Things, large data, cloud computing investment, build Scipharyun Valley, Sciphar health health park for the national e-commerce industry to make more Big contribution.