2017 "Sciphar Cup" China · Central Qinling Cycling League
Issue Time:2017-07-30
2017 "Sciphar Cup" China · Central Qinling Cycling League
2017 "Sciphar Cup" China Central Ring Qinling Bicycle League stay in the station at the Purple Mountain Scenic Spot, from all over the country more than 200 mountain bike entry.
China · Central Qinling Cycling League approved by the National Cycling Association, is a national mass bike Class A race. League in Shaanxi unique Qinling natural ecological endowment, historical and cultural resources as the basis, in Xi'an, Baoji, Weinan, Hanzhong, Ankang, Shangluo six Qinling along the city set up a race. Stay from the starting point of the gate stone, around the Guanghua Mountain, to stay in the town, land ditch, Jade Emperor Temple, and finally through the "China's most beautiful rural road" - Gaojiang Road arrived at the end, the track length of 60 km, 1200 meters above sea level, is a high-quality mountain bike track, for the players, the very challenging, but also full of attractive.  
After more than three years of development and operation, China Central Qinling Cycling League brand influence is growing, has become a high-quality independent events in Shaanxi IP "This event is the provincial Sports Bureau to implement the five development concept, combined with the province of the province, mining to play the big green natural endowment, and actively coordinate the support of the municipal government, a comprehensive integration of social resources, focus on creating a mass bike brand Next, in accordance with our three ladder development plan, and gradually from the sub-races to the points race, and finally to achieve the final day of the race mode. Through running, development, promotion, so that the event more professional, Open and constantly improve the level of service and cultural connotation, and ultimately become the country's very unique, influential mass bike brand events. "Shaanxi Airlines radio car motorcycle sports management center director Liu Weirong said. "Finally, thanks to the support of the county, the county government attaches great importance to set up the League Organizing Committee, the establishment of security groups, medical rescue group, volunteer service group and other eight working groups, to complete the efficient Tournament service guarantee work. 
The sponsor of this event sponsor Shaanxi Sciphar Group is a local high-tech enterprises in Shaanxi, focusing on "Internet + special agriculture + big health industry", its existing six companies , Mainly engaged in biomedical, functional food, modern agriculture, e-commerce, network technology, data technology, electricity business park, cultural tourism, education and training business. "We are very pleased to be able to participate in this event, the national fitness to promote a healthy lifestyle, cycling because of low-carbon environmental protection, good exercise effect was favored. Sciphar Group since its establishment, has been actively advocate Brigade, health , Happy life, and the national fitness, cycling concept of a high degree of fit, perfect fit. Shaanxi Sciphar actively participate in various sports activities, hoping to convey to the public 'health is the movement' high quality of life concept.To promote sports, Tourism and large health industry integration development, boost the rapid development of sports in Shaanxi Province, for the province to achieve catch up beyond the contribution of their own power. "Shaanxi Sciphar Group Party Secretary Du Yongmao told reporters.       

The competition was organized by the Shaanxi Provincial Sports Bureau, Hanzhong Municipal People's Government, Shaanxi Province, the aviation radio and motorcycle sports management center, Hanzhong City Sports Bureau, Liaba County People's Government contractors, stay in the county education and sports bureau, stay in the county tourism development Committee, Shaanxi Province Bicycle Association, Hanzhong City Bicycle Association, and the Olympic Sports Industry Co., Ltd., Shaanxi Wei won the Sports Industry Investment Management Co., Ltd., Shaanxi Sciphar Group title support.

At 9:00 on the same day held the opening ceremony of the event, Shaanxi Provincial Sports Bureau Deputy Inspector Wu Yixing announced the opening of the game and issued a gun order, left the county magistrate Ma Hongwei speech. Shaanxi Provincial Sports Bureau Group researcher Wang Qiang, Shaanxi Province, the aviation radio and motorcycle sports management center director Liu Weirong, Hanzhong City Sports Bureau Wang Yao, Leba County People's Congress Standing Committee Yang Yuzhu, Liba County Standing Committee, executive vice magistrate Xue Xiaobingmao, secretary of the party committee of the county government and political commissar, Liu Haiyang, secretary of the party committee of the county government and political commissar of Shaanxi Weiyou Sports Industry Investment Management Co., Ltd. attended the opening ceremony. Xinhua News Agency, Shaanxi Daily, Shaanxi Radio and Television, Sanqin Metropolis Daily, China Daily, Xi'an Daily, Xi'an Evening News, Western Network, Shaanxi Media Network, Health Shaanxi Network and more than 20 media coverage of the event.