Corn flour

Corn flour
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Product Namecorn protein
English NameZein
CAS No.9010-66-6
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Sciphar, Health sourced from nature! We are manufacturer and supplier of natural plant extracts. We sell best quality corn protein in bulk. Welcome to visit our factory in Xi’an, China.

Product Name: corn protein
English Name: Zein
CAS No.:9010-66-6
EINECS number: 232-722-9
Appearance: yellow or light yellow powder

Corn protein powder is the pharmaceutical industry production of maize starch alcohol or wine industry after the by-product, its protein is rich in nutrients, and has a special flavor and color.Corn protein powder is the main by-product of the wet corn milling processing technology of corn starch .

It is the the senior class of the processing of fish and poultry feed ,has contributed
to the decrease the disease resistance effect.
It is the animal husbandry and feed industry of raw materials and feed additives.
Corn protein powder can be used to made of amino acid, extraction of maize yellow pigment, manufactured of functional peptide, food additive protein foaming powder and so on.
To reduce livestock body heat consumption and slow heat stress.

 drinks, health care products.

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