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Product NameXylitol
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Sciphar, Health sourced from nature ! We are manufacturer and supplier of Food Additives. We sell best quality Xylitol in bulk. Welcome to visit our factory in Xi’an, china.

Product Name : Xylitol
CAS.: [87-99-0]
Molecular formula: C5H1205
Molecular weight: 152.15
Properties: it is white crystal or crystalline powder, sweet, with a sweetness equivalent to that of sucrose, soluble in water (160g/ml approximately) and slightly soluble in ethanol and methanol, with a melting point of 91℃-96℃, a boiling point of 216℃, and a calorific value of 16.72KJ/g (as the same with glucose). As it absorbs heat when dissolving in water, so when it is eaten in solid form, you will have a happy and cool mouthfeel. 10% xylitol solution has a pH value of 5.0-7.0.

1. As therapeutic agent of diabetics: as carbohydrate metabolism intermediate, xylitol produces ribose phosphate through glucuronic acid-xylulose and osphopentose branch by means of its own unique metabolic pathway without promotion of insulin, which is capable of promoting pancreas to secrete insulin, thus producing glucose 6-phosphate and further synthesizing hepatic starch or further oxidative metabolism to obtain energy. Xylitol is capable of adjusting glucose metabolism abnormity. When body of a patient body is lack of insulin, xylitol is capable of penetrating cell membrane as usual to supply cells with nutrition and energy, thus playing the role of glucose and insulin. After taking the product, “three-excessive” symptom of a patient will be mitigated, thirst and hunger disappears basically, and glucose in urine reduces. After taking the product for a long time, symptom will disappear, thus effectively controlling occurrence of diabetes complications.
2. Improving liver function: xylitol is capable of lowering down the speed of fatty acid production in plasma, without increasing blood glucose. After absorbed by human body, content of lactic acid, pyruvic acid and glucose in blood will decrease, while insulin increases. Meanwhile, hepatic glycogen in liver increases, and aminotransferase decreases. It has noticeable effect on metastatic hepatitis B and cirrhosis patients. It is a liver protective medicine for hepatitis patients. Especially for patients of diabetes and hepatitis complications, xylitol is the most ideal medicine.

1. Anti-ketone: xylitol is an ideal anti-ketone drug for diabetes and hunger ketosis patients.
2. Other medical functions of xylitol
3. With the function of controlling synthesis of glycerol, neutral fat and free fatty acid, xylitol may be used to control weight increase and treat obesity.
4. Xylitol has sound thermal stability and does not produce chemical reaction when heated together with amino acids. It may be used to prepare various agents with amino acids, and applicable for special infusion agent of high blood glucose, high cholesterol, hepatitis and sugar-avoiding patients and patients stricken in years.
5. As xylitol is much slower absorbed by intestinal wall than other sugars, it may be used as laxative for age-related constipation, without any pain and side effect.

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