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Purple sweet potato powder

Purple sweet potato powder

Purple sweet potato powder
CategoriesVegetable Powder
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English namePurple sweet potato powder
AppearanceThis product is purple powder with natural smell a
Unit PriceUS $ 15 / kilogram
Terms of PaymentL/C, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Update Time2017-11-25
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Sciphar, Health sourced from natuar ! We are manufacturer and supplier of natural plant extracts.We sell best quality Purple sweet potato powder in bulk. Welcome to visit our factory in Xi’an, China.

English name: Purple sweet potato powder

Appearance: This product is purple powder with natural smell and best taste.

Funtion and application of Purple sweet potato powder
Purple sweet potato is rich in protein, 18 kinds of easily digested and absorbed amino acids, vitamin C, B, A and so on eight kinds of vitamins and phosphorus, iron and other 10 kinds of natural minerals elements. Pharmacological effects: anti-oxidation, anti-mutagenic effects, liver effects, effects on cardiovascular disease.Mulberry improved skin (including the scalp) blood supply, nutrition, skin, make the skin delicate and UFA and other effects, and can delay aging. Eat mulberry can improve eyesight, relieve symptoms of dry eye fatigue. Mulberry has immune boosting effects. Mulberry on the spleen weight gain effect on the hemolytic reactions enhancement to prevent human atherosclerosis, hardening of the bone joints, promote metabolism. It can promote the growth of red blood cells, prevent leukopenia, and treatment of diabetes, anemia, hypertension, high cholesterol, coronary heart disease, neurasthenia and other diseases have a secondary effect. Mulberry has a thirst, promote digestion, help defecation and other effects, moderate consumption can promote gastric secretion, stimulate peristalsis and relieve hot flashes.

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