Lysine Acetate

Lysine Acetate
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Product NameLysine Acetate
Quality StandardUSP30
Unit PriceUS $ 30 / kilogram
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Update Time2017-11-22
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Product Name: Lysine Acetate
CAS#: 57282-49-2
Molecular Formula: C6H14N2O2.C2H4O2
Molecular Weight: 206.24
Quality Standard:USP30
Characteristic: White crystal powder, no odor.

An essential amino acid found in corns and legumes. It plays an important role in protein metabolism and is vital for growth of infants. Leucine may also promote muscle growth during recovery after prolonged exercise or after hard training sessions. It is one of the branch-chained amino acids, which can be used by muscles as an energy source

The dosage underneath is the Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA), but be aware that this dosage is the minimum that you require per day, to ward off serious deficiency of this particular nutrient. In the therapeutic use of this nutrient, the dosage is usually increased considerably, but the toxicity level must be kept in mind.
Male 1.4 mg per day and female 1.0 mg per day, although 50 mg is usually used in supplementation.

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