Vitamin K2

Vitamin K2
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Product NameVitamin K2
CAS no11032-49-8
EINECS no234-264-5
Unit PriceUS $ 1300 / kilogram
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Update Time2017-11-25
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Product Name: Vitamin K2
Synonym: Vitamin MK4, menaquinone,menatetrenone
CAS no: 11032-49-8
EINECS no:234-264-5
Molecular Formula: C16H16O2?(C5H8)n
Molecular Weight: 444.65
Assay: 99%
Vitamin K2 is essential for the carboxylation of glutamate residues in certain proteins, to give-carboxyglutamate. This modification allows the protein to bind calcium, an essential event in the blood clotting cascade. Carboxylation of glutamate is also important in other proteins involved in the mobilization or transport of calcium. Vitamin K2 is also a known of SXR. Currently in Japan, Vitamin K2 is being used to treat the degenerative bone disease osteoporosis.

1.Vitamin K2 can prevent and treat osteoporosis.
2.Vitamin K2 has function of diuresis, promotes the detoxifcation of liver.
3.Vitamin K2 can increase the bone mineral density and prevent fractures.
4.It is used to prevent cirrhosis progress from developing to liver cancer.
5.It has the function of strengthening the liver detoxify and lowering blood pressure.
6.It can promote the formation of prothrombin,accelerate the blood coagulation and maintain the normal blood
coagulation time.

1. Treatment and prevention of osteoporosis, Vitamin K2 promotes the formation of Osteocalcin, increases the density of bones and reduces bone loss. It’s a new medicine to cure and prevent osteoporosis and fracture.
2. Curing haemorrhage caused by VK2 deficiency: VK2 promotes the formation of thrombin, accelerates blood clotting, accelerates and maintains proper clotting time.
3. Preventing and retarding calsification of blood vessels,preventing arteriosclerosis caused by calsification
4. Vitamin K2 can be used as a PKA active regulator to promote the detoxifcation of liver, prevent and cure hepatic fibrosis, live cancer and lung cancer
5. Vitamin K2 derived from the dermented soy product natto has a higher bioavailability than vitamin K1

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