Vitamin K3

Vitamin K3
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Product NameVitamin K3
CAS no58-27-5
Unit PriceUS $ 100 / kilogram
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Update Time2017-11-25
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Product Name: Vitamin K3
CAS no:58-27-5
EINECS no:200-372-6
Synonym:Menadione (1.05793); Vitamin K2(0); Vitamin K3; menaphthone; Menadione; Vitamin K_3; 2-Methyl-1,4-dihydronaphthalene-1,4-dione
Appearance: Whie crystalline powder
Vitamin K3 is essential for effcient blood-clotting and to maintain proper bone calcification. Practically Vitamin K3 assists in the treatment of haemorrhagic-type disease, namely coccidiosis. The lack of Vitamin K3 in chicks infected with eimeria species sharply increases the rate of mortality and this is true also in case of mild or subclinical infections. Vitamin K3 can also revent the haemorrhagic consequences brought about by the administration of sulpha drugs and antibiotics which, by suppressing the fermentation of intestinal bacterial flora reduce the endogenous bacterial systheses of vitamin K3 as family citamin,sufficient adding of vitamin K3 in feed can raise the healthy level if animal especially stress condition.

1.A kind of dispensable vitamin nutrition for poultry and livestock;
2.Participating in the synthesis of thrombin in animal's liver to prevent the bleeding diseases of poultry and livestock;
3.Reduce or avoid the toxic reaction with the combined-action of various veterinary medicine.

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